Excel Templates

Excel is a popular spreadsheet software for Mac, Windows PC, Android and iOS from Microsoft that is part of the Office suite of programs that also includes Word, Powerpoint, and Access. Based on the standard spreadsheet layout of columns and rows it includes a wide range of formulas and functions for most financial, statistical and engineering calculations, and has chart and graph making features. 

Templates for Excel use the file extension .xltx and they can either be saved in the Excel default location, in which case they will appear in the main opening dialogue box, or saved to a user defined location on a hard disk or network drive.

A template file is designed to be the basis for new documents, or workbooks, that contains all the common elements needed. An example would be a template for an invoice, in which the company address and logo are included at the top, with a space for the customer details, and columns and rows for filling in the products or services, along with formulas to add up the totals and add VAT or Tax. Having all the common elements in the template, providing everything other than the customer details, list of chargeable items and amounts, makes it very quick to create new invoices, all with a set layout and formatting.

Benefits of Excel Templates

Firstly is time. Saving time! Imagine having to create a new business letter, customer invoice, sales receipt, or any other commonly used spreadsheet, from scratch with a blank workbook or document. By using a template that contains all the common elements, formatting, layout, styles and formulas, it only requires the creation of a new spreadsheet or document from the template and filling in the variable data, such as customer details, order details, amounts etc, to have the new document ready for printing, or electronic delivery, with the minimum of time and effort.

Consistent presentation of business documents using the company house style, including fonts, colours, logos etc. How else can you ensure that all documents produced and sent out to customers adhere to the company style, and contain all the necessary information, such as company address, email contacts, VAT numbers, or disclaimers.

Excel templates are seriously easy to use! They are easy to find, create, save, open and edit. Simply opening Excel will show the built in templates, and links to the main template gallery. User created templates can either be found alongside the main templates, or opened quickly by browsing to the saved location.

Inspiration! The Excel Templates gallery online, as well as many others, has a wide variety of templates available. These are great for seeing what can be done with Excel, and giving ideas for layout, styles, and functionality that could be included in your own templates.